Monday, January 9, 2012

Another handcrafted Christmas gift...

This was Kasey's play kitchen back in the day...I think we originally bought it in the early '80s and it was well used before it even came to our family.  We bought it from our church when they were remodeling some classrooms.  And I would guess that it was probably handmade by a church member back in the '50s or '60s.

The girls have never seen it, because before the move we had it stored in one of the out buildings, and since the move it has been in the garage awaiting my plans.  Carey repainted it in Martha Stewart green.  I added the 'window'  and after much searching found the perfect-sized new 'sink.' 

I wrapped dishes, silverware, and cookware for their under-the-tree gifts.  After all of the gifts were open, I asked them to take the dishes to the playroom where they found the kitchen.  They were VERY excited, and they have been cooking up all kinds of fun to share with us ever since.

Here's Caitlyn with some tomato soup she made for us on Saturday.

And Chloe served us a beautiful 'Cob' salad.


  1. how stankin cute is that? I CHERISHED my playhouse my grandfather made with all the right rooms…wish I had it for my daughter!

  2. Deciding on the correct kitchen countertops is the perfect way to beautify your existing cooking and eating area.

  3. This is awesome!.. Is it in your house... so they ony get to play with it when they visit?

  4. What a GREAT gift...something that will make memories they will ALWAYS treasure!! And SOOOOOOOOOOO much cooler than those silly plastic ones!


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