Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No deep thoughts here...

I tend to write about what is occupying my mind at the moment. This week all I'm thinking about is something that I don't feel comfortable writing about here. So I haven't even wanted to write.

But this too shall pass.

I'm trying to focus on the real blessings in this (I mean seriously...we have been incredibly blessed) and learning the lessons we are meant to learn...and trying to steer others toward looking for the blessings and lessons too, without being preachy.

So I've been escaping my thoughts by playing games and reading and working and playing more games. I've made some really, really good tortilla best effort ever. Anyone else out there enjoying the truly perfect avocados that are in the markets this year? YUM!

My office health challenge is ongoing. I'm behind, but I have always believed that the tortoise was the true genius in his race with the hare. And since it's not solely about weight, but overall health, I'm feeling really good about things. I know with a certainty that I am healthier each day. Are you ready for this? more Cokes from Sonic! Of course, I still go to Sonic (gotta have my magic ice!), but I'm choosing unsweetened iced tea.

I have the week off from work next week. I have some plans to get some work done around the house. And I'm hoping I can get some kiddos here for a sleepover before school starts. It might be tough, since all but Chloe have sports practices to work around. Poor little Chloe missed the age cutoff for soccer by one day.

Enough rambling.


  1. Would love your recipe for tortilla soup, Kath, it sounds delicious.

  2. I always get the Sonic unsweetened tea with lime...mmmmm...very refreshing!

    I think I'd like that tortilla soup recipe too. Haven't found one I really like yet.

    Love ya,
    --Laurie Beth


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