Saturday, May 16, 2009


think the Sound of Music and start humming 'Favorite Things'...

Waking up early
to cover the miles.
Audience families
and hundreds of smiles.
Little girls' tutus with butterfly wings.
These are just some of what Saturday brings.

Rainfall on tin roofs
and lightning in flashes.
Having my son-in-love
show off his gashes.
Lunch in a restaurant with yummy things.
These are just some of what Saturday brings.

Water fountain
intrigues small one.
Big brother's helpful way.
Mama-kissed babies and grandparents' fun.
All make this a cherished day!


  1. Hold the thoughts of this special Saturday close to your heart--the poem will help--it sounds so perfect. Except for the son-in-law's gashes???? Was the joy in that because he chose to show you them, or that he earned them in some honorable manner?

  2. LOL Neither. He just likes to be included, and since he insisted on showing off his boo-boo, I decided I would tell the world about it.


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