Saturday, May 30, 2009

Crossing items off the list...

I've been working on my to-do list lately, and have maganged to make quite a dent in it. Today I've been concentrating on things that are fun, but still things I have been putting off. Like what, you say?

Like actually using the teeth whitening product I bought a year and a half ago. Now tell me, do you see a difference? I spent two hours doing multiple repeated steps, including using a special light. I don't see any result at all, and don't plan to go to the trouble again.


Then my efforts moved from my head to my toes, which I gave a pretty sad attempt at a french pedicure.

After having two such taxing jobs crossed off my list, albeit not with a great deal of satisfaction, I thought I had earned some computer time. (I mean, come on, if I'm going to procrastinate, I might as well blog about it, right?)

So what do I find in my inbox? An e-mail from a service I subscribe to which is an aid to maximize efficient time usage. It asked 'do you put your energy where it counts the most?' And then suggests 'concentrating on tasks that produce the greatest rewards.'

Point taken.

Back to the laundry and decluttering!


  1. Ah, well. Sounds like you're trying real hard. Keep at it girl!
    Procrastinating and blogging go hand in hand I think....will I put on another load of washing or will I stay here blogging....Hmmm?

    You did at least accomplish something, even if it was only brighter, whiter teeth and brighter, whiter tootsies! Ha Ha!

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. Thanks, Joolz. I have been plugging feels so good to scratch those little jobs off of the list.


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