Monday, April 20, 2009


I am sunburned.

I did my duty (jury duty).

I talked to an old friend.

I made a pitcher of iced tea.

I'm having a good hair day.

I've taken 8,181 far...not counting the ones inside the courthouse or walking the three blocks back to my car...took the pedometer off because I was afraid it might make the metal detector go off, and forgot to put it back on.


  1. Apart from the jury duty - sounds like you had a nice day. I must buy a pedometer - I am about to embark on a weight loss journey - I need to lose about 8 kgs. I hope to track it on my blog. Nice hair days are 'good days' aren't they? =)

    - Joolz

  2. It was a great day actually. Even the jury duty was interesting, though I'm glad I didn't get picked.

    I've only been wearing the pedometer for a couple of does make you want to take a more distant parking spot. Good luck with your journey...I'll be on that road too, though I'm a bit further from the destination than you. :)

  3. Sounds lovely!!

    I've been craving walks! There are only two mornings when Eric leaves just before or around 6:30, so I could now take early morning ones and be back before he and the babes awake.
    Now that it's light again early, it's doable.

  4. lol I thought you were counting your steps, I thought Oh My!!

    Sorry re your sunburn.

    I've always wanted to be on jury duty and have never been asked!!

    Will really email tonight. Have just been sooo busy!

  5. Oh, Steph! If I were walking that early the morning, I would be SLEEPwalking! :) But I find joy in knowing that the morning is happily greeting you as you set out into it.

  6. FT, I truly LOL when I read your comment! I may be little bit obsessive/compulsive about a few things (making sure doors are locked...washing my hands) but not counting each step. lol Of course, I am a teeny bit o/c about checking the pedometer throughout the day to make sure that it's working. :)

    Oh, and would you believe that this is the first time I've been called for jury duty for over 25 years?!


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