Monday, April 27, 2009

If I could please ask a favor...

A very special friend of mine was fired today. She's worked unbelievably hard and has accomplished SO much in this position. I am SO proud of her, and she has every reason to stand tall. She is the most thoughtful, principled, and spiritual person I know, and I know she will find joy and validation in her work again.

She said she would be catching up on reading my blog in the next day or so. If you are one who prays, I would appreciate so much if you would lift her up, and even if you have never left a comment here, if you would please leave a comment on this post just to send her sweet thoughts. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  1. I will really pray for her! I'm so sorry she is facing this tough time!

  2. I will pray for her too! One of my dear friends was forced from her job last year, and it was undeserved. She's had a difficult year, but things are looking up! She's been offered a new position and will be appreciated and compensated far more than she was in her previous job. Though at the time it is painful, I think sometimes the Lord directs us to a new work He has for us. Hope your friend stays close to those who support her.

  3. Thanks, Frugal Trenches and Cowgirl.

    I'm so glad for your friend, Cowgirl. I'm praying for the same for mine. And believe as you that the Lord's hand is on us all.

  4. I am so sorry to hear about what happened. Unfortunately in my line of work I've also seen dozens of people I've worked closely with over the years be let go for reasons I couldn't understand. Honestly folks have been let go that were way more qualified to do the job than I, but unfotunately the decisions that are made are so often made at such a high level (and only interested in the finances level) that it doesn't really make sense. I can only imagine that is what happened here. And honestly those dozens of people I mentioned are all in a much better and much more enjoyable job than I am now. That will come for you too. Enjoy your time to yourself and know that the next even better adventure is yet to come. I know that it will. You're too brilliant for someone not to be knocking on your door. Love you!


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