Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 3 of 10 towards health...

Lunch was tuna salad sandwich and an orange. Yes, that is white bread you see in the picture. I hardly ever eat sandwiches, so I don't buy bread for me usually. Carey will only eat white, so that's what is in the house.

Do you ever just crave something? For me today it was tuna salad sandwich...savory, not sweet. I love two very different tuna with eggs and onions and celery and dill pickle and lots of fresh cracked pepper...and then sometimes I have to have it with apples and celery and sweet pickles and pecans and dried cranberries.

Snack was some frozen banana pieces.

Dinner was salad with a hard boiled egg.

Activity was walking...only about 15 minutes.

To-do list activity was balancing the checkbook and paying bills. I even took a few peeks at the stack of medical bills...I'll tackle that this week...I MEAN IT!


  1. I often crave tuna fish sandwiches, in fact you are making me hungry now.

    There is white bread that you can buy that has the "goodness of brown". Do you have that in the USA?

  2. We do. I suppose I should look for it. We probably only eat about a loaf of bread per month, so I never figured it made a major impact.

    I do love fresh baked bread, and when I go to the CITY I go to a great bakery.


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