Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What I'm reading Wednesday...

 I went to the library website last night to see how far the line had moved on an ebook I've been waiting for.  Almost there.  In the meantime...

Written In My Own Heart's Blood by Diana Gabaldon

I have been putting off reading this one.  I've read the series, and liked each successive one less.  A friend assured me that this one is much better than the last one I read, and is actually very good.  Hmmm.  Library ebook, so if I don't like it, I'm not out anything. 

Paleo For Beginners by John Chatham

This one caught my eye and was an impulse check out.  Also an ebook, I thought maybe it would re-inspire me.

I had better hurry up and get these read.


  1. I tried the Whole 30th diet to loose weight. Made it to day 16 and died.....for chocolate. Paleo is simular but allows ehoney, chocolate etc. I have been a Paleo eater since Aug 22, and have lost 22 lbs, mostly it's not the numbers but no more blouted feeling and I have lots of energy @ 56!! Try some if the recipes, they are actually good. Oh and give up the wheat....this from a farmer that harvest wheat. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. I'm glad it is helping you. I was sticking to it a few years ago and felt really good too. I need to get back to it.


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