Friday, October 7, 2016

Seven (not so) random thoughts on the 7th...

My thoughts are going to the dogs this month.

1.  This is a photo of Sarge getting a hug from Kasey.  I took this on the day of the garage sale.  Sarge is around ten.  They came very close to losing him recently when he and their younger dogs had an encounter with a porcupine.  Sarge had to spend some time in the animal hospital when one (or more) of the quills evaded removal at the first vet visit and traveled internally causing his lungs to collapse.  

2.  And then there's Rudy.  He is really very good.  He loves his toys, and for the most part stays away from things he's not supposed to play with.  He does like to chew on the odd magazine now and then, though.  He's learning how to release his ball so we can play fetch rather than tug of war.  It always gives me a giggle when he brings it to me, and uses his nose to nudge it toward me so I'll throw it.

3.  He absolutely hates it when it rolls too close to the dreaded fireplace tools...the ones that have been known to fall to the floor with a loud clang when a rambunctious puppy bumps into now he tries to keep his distance.  And he tries to make sure his toys keep their distance too.  He seems to think that as long as one paw is still touching the carpet, he will be safe, so he streeeeeeetches out as far as he can stretch.  If he still can't reach it, he barks from a safe distance until somebody retrieves it for him.

4.  He loves TV.  He has been known to get pretty interested in Hallmark movies on the weekend, but Pitbulls and Parolees seems to be his favorite program.  It cracks me up to watch him watch TV!

5.  I think I told you that a favorite pastime of his is watching the deer outside the windows.  Let me rephrase that...he loves to watch and bark and bark and BARK at the deer outside of the windows.  I have had to resort to covering the lower panes of the front windows.  The deer practically come up on the front porch, and it drives him absolutely wild.  He can still see deer out the back windows, but the fence is higher in the backyard and keeps them out, so the ones he can see are further away.  He's still interested, just not as confrontational.  When he gets a little older I will replace the white board with an opaque window cling product that hopefully won't be quite so unattractive.  I would do it now, but sometimes he scratches at the window when he gets excited, so I think he needs more time for maturing and training.

6.  He still loves his monkey, and usually curls up with it when he takes a nap.  Of course, you may remember it as being red and yellow.  It has had to be replaced more than once, and they were out of red and yellow when I bought this one.  This is actually the third one he has had, and each successive one has lasted longer than its predecessor.  He's learning to be more gentle with them.  This is definitely his favorite toy, and since they are only about $6 each, I have a small stockpile built up so that he is never without his leetle friend.

7.  A stuffed monkey is all well and good, but the best napping partner is still Dad.  :)


  1. What a lovely post, Kathleen - really enjoyed it x

    1. Thanks, Caroline. Coincidentally, I was watching your Vlogtober post yesterday, and Rudy was playing across the room and immediately noticed the audio and ran over to see the screen of my laptop...ran around the chair and peeked over the arms, yipping happily. I think you have another 'follower.' LOL


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