Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What's in a name...

Just a few of the famous Jack Russells.  Such personable little guys make for perfect camera hams.

Wishbone...the great literature loving dog.

Freddie de la Hay...a JR in literature.

 Jack from The adorable.

Buddy from Doc Martin...never gives up on Martin...just keeps coming back.  :)

And who can forget Eddie from Frasier?  I always loved how it annoyed Frasier when Eddie wouldn't stop staring at him.  JRs are really good at staring contests.  Ours was staring at me today...enough that Carey asked, "Why is he staring at you?"  LOL!

We actually considered all of these names for our new little JR, but it just seemed prosaic to use well known JR names.  I like being a little different.  It is worthy of note, however, that three of these five are named Freddie, Buddy, and Eddie.  All suit them.  They lend a touch of the every-dog to these special little guys, and accent the youthful spirit that JRs keep even as seniors.  

I think our Rudy will wear his name well.



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