Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What I'm reading Wednesday...

A Highland Christmas by M. C. Beaton

I will be starting this one later this evening.  I picked it up from the library on Monday after quilting.  One of my quilting friends recommended the book series.  I enjoyed the television series, and my friend assured me the books were even better.

The library had quite a few of the series, and it was hard to select one to start with.  I know it may be a little early to be reading Christmas, but I need inspiration to get started on Christmas gift making, so I thought this might put me in the mood.


This morning I managed to finish the book from my last WIRW post about three weeks ago.  I gave up on it about a quarter of the way through, and didn't intend to pick it back up, but after a couple of weeks I did.  It wasn't worth it.  It is in a tie for worst book of the year so far.


  1. I've read quite a few of this series, and I enjoy them. Just light little mysteries. The Agatha Raisin series by the same author is okay too, although I prefer the Hamish Macbeth ones.

    1. That’s what the friend who recommended them said as well (about the Agatha Raisin). And I already finished the Christmas one. :)


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