Friday, May 22, 2015

She's a doll...

...of course, I may be  just a little partial.  :)

School's out for a long weekend, so the girls wanted to take turns spending the night at Grandma's.  Chloe had first dibs.

 I promised Carey's mom I would take some photos while the girls are here.  I love this one of Chloe on the sofa, snuggled into a pile of stuffed animals and Raggedy Anns.

And since I always aim to have the girls write a letter to Carey's mom while they are here, I used the photo to make a card for Chloe to write and send.  It's written, enveloped, addressed, and stamped.

Now it's almost time to switch one girlie for another.


  1. What a lovely card, Kathleen - and I love that you get them to write to Carey's mom while they're with you - such a nice thought.

  2. Absolutely precious pic! And I love the letter writing...precious habits & memories in the making...


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