Saturday, May 23, 2015

Girls gone mild...

 We switched out girls yesterday.  Beau came and picked up Chloe and dropped off Caitlyn.

Caitlyn and I went to a late lunch with her Uncle Jared, then stopped on the way home at a new popcorn store that we have both been curious many flavors!  Other than that we spent a pretty quiet time at home.

She did some more sewing on a project we started awhile back.  It had been awhile since we had worked on it, so she needed a bit of help at first, but then got on happily and finished up on her own all that I had pinned and marked for her in advance.

We took a couple of photos, as I had promised her great-grandmother.  I like this one, because it shows the dimple in her chin that she inherited from her mother (who inherited hers from her dad), and because she looks rather mischievous.

I thought Carey's mom would like this photo better, so it's the one I put on a card for Caitlyn to write to her.  Both girls really write quite sweet notes to her, and I'm proud that they have developed the skill of letter writing.  That it continues to earn me daughter-in-law points with their great-grandmother is nice too.  :)

Now her mama has come to pick her up, so the house is quiet, and the laundry is screaming to be sorted and the first load put in the machine.  Since there is a howling thunderstorm keeping me housebound, I have no excuse not to get right on it.

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  1. That mischievous look pic is my favorite too, but the one you sent is terrific as well. I can see you, Carey & Kasey in that sweet face!


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