Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What I'm reading Wednesday...

Fear Nothing by Lisa Gardner

I think I'm not in the mystery/thriller mode right now.  Or maybe there is just so much else to do around here.  I'm having trouble working through this one.

There's nothing on the tv tonight, so maybe I'll go read awhile.


  1. I LOVE Lisa Gardner. Therefore, I am sure you will not like it. Is this her new one? Save it for me! Please.

  2. k2, I remember that you really like the author. I don’t know if this is the newest one or not. Carey brought it home from work, and I asked him if I could read it before he took it back. (They seem to have an informal book exchange system going on there.) So he left it, and I finally got around to start reading it. I’m not sure if he has to take it back or not. If not, I’ll save it for you.


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