Friday, February 13, 2015

Small but necessary...

We've been having some confusion lately over whether the dishwasher has been run yet or not.  The ancient one we had before had a light that came on when it had completed its cycle, and the light stayed on until you physically turned it off after you had emptied it.

The new dishwasher has a light that comes on, but the light automatically turns off the first time the door opens.  So if someone just reaches in for a clean fork, but doesn't empty the dishwasher, the next person that comes along may think the dishes haven't been washed yet and add a used plate to the rack.  (We do a pretty thorough rinse job before putting them in the dishwasher, so they usually look clean even if they haven't been washed yet.)

Hello clipart and card-making supplies!



I happily found everything I needed in my stash to solve the issue.  Printed the graphic, layered with pretty paper, laminated to keep it tidy, added tiny but strong magnets.

Now all I have to do is train whoever starts the wash cycle to turn the sign to 'clean', and whoever puts clean dishes away to turn the sign to 'dirty'...myself included.


  1. Score! I love finding stuff In my stash when I want to make something cute like this. Great job!

  2. Yes it's the training that's the problem! We no longer have a dishwasher we have a hole where it should be filled with garbage cans and recycle... Dishwasher looked nice on the outside but was full of rusty racks etc on the inside... storm number ? is happening today The matterhorn outside the dining room window has turned into Mount Rundle.... Picture of the Matterhorn is on FB Mount Rundle will have to wait until I can actually see out the window!

  3. Great idea. The 'training' part may be easier said that done, though ...!


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