Thursday, January 2, 2014

Jumping in...

I had New Year's Day off, but Carey didn't.  After he left for work, a narrow bit of wall between two doorways caught my eye for the umpteenth time, and screamed out, 'Chalkboard!'  This has always been kind of an awkward spot to decorate, since it has a thermostat dead center.

After I started having fun chalking (example 1 and example 2) at Kasey's previous house before it was sold, I started thinking that this wall might be a good spot for a chalkboard of my own.  I purchased the paint months ago, but never went any further.

What with this being the year of Done is Better Than Perfect, I decided there would never be a better day to jump in.  I taped, and painted the edges, and attempted to continue with a sponge brush.  That wasn't working out so well, so I asked Beau to go out to the workshop and find a roller for me.

 Then I called Jared and asked for a favor.  He finished the first coat.

After that dried, Beau added a second coat while I dozed.

Then I came back and added a third coat from the thermostat down, and Kasey took over and finished the third coat from the thermostat up. 

Then before bed I added a fourth coat over the whole thing.  I took off the tape, cleaned up the roller, and put away the ladder.

It was still wet when I took this photo.  I'll let it cure for a couple of days before I take the chalk to it. 

It turned into a family project.  

And done really IS better than perfect!  :)


  1. I really like it. What kind of paint?

  2. looks great and how nice to have a helping hand
    cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  3. That is a terrific idea for this spot---I turned our pantry door into a chalkboard a few years back and all the kidlets as well as the big kids love doodling on it.


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