Monday, January 27, 2014

Five things that make me happy, and one thing that's pissing me off...

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Five things that make me happy?

1. Downton Abbey

2.  DVR so that I can watch episodes of Downton Abbey on Monday when I miss it on Sunday.

3.  My husband's Popeye the Sailor Man ringtone on my phone.  :)

4.  My Ninja Slow Cooker.

5.  Wool socks to sleep in.

...and then there is...

Fresh laundry...when I forget to take it out of the dryer and the wrinkles are good and set in.  Now I have to run it through a rinse cycle and dry cycle again.  I'm not really an ironing kind of girl.  My 38-year-old iron is practically brand new.  HA!
today's post title/topic is a blatant ripoff of The Non-Consumer Advocate


  1. I am an ironer. I ironed my girls uniforms every day of their school lives. My husband goes to work each day with an ironed hanky in his pocket of his ironed trousers and his ironed shirt. Thats how I roll.
    Your iron is 38 years old? i think I'm on my 10th iron in 28 years! Too funny!

  2. I hate to do housework, but I do love to iron! I can see my progress, and I love the smell of cotton being steamed. Weird, I know, but I do find it kind of peaceful if that makes any sense!
    Now I want to know what a Ninja Slow Cooker is???

  3. No, I totally understand your reason for loving to iron. Your description made me recall that I used to feel that way about folding cloth diapers (back in the day).

    Ninja slow cooker…looks like a crock pot, but has a metal non-stick insert instead of crock…and has stop top settings (low, med, high) in addition to the slow cooker low and high. So when you have a recipe that wants you to brown the meat or sauté veggies before the slow cooking part, you can do it all in the one pan! I hate dirtying up a fry pan first before putting things in the crock pot. It is AWESOME! I’ve been making a LOT of soups since I’ve been here.


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