Friday, March 15, 2013

Eye Opening...

Today I had an appointment with the ophthalmologist.  This photo was taken about five hours after dilation drops were put in.  Even now, eight hours after dilation, they feel weird.  

I've recently had an eye-opening report regarding my computer also.  First I lost the ability to connect wirelessly.  When I took it for repair, I learned that it had a VERY limited life's a Vista and won't be supported after the end of the year...thanks Microsoft.  So I decided not to invest in new parts.  Labor alone only got the wireless working for a couple of days.  Right now I'm sitting right next to the router, kind of cramped and uncomfortable, so that I can be plugged in.

A new laptop will be arriving a little sooner than I had been planning...another week or so maybe.

It's match my eyes.  :)



  1. Impressive on earth did you take that without blinking?! <3

  2. I agree, wow about the photo! Hope your computer is working out for you. Here's a comment I responded on my blog but thought you might not see.

    I am so glad you checked out his work. Wish you could see it in person. I passed on your comment to him and it made him feel great.

    Also, thanks for the well wishes. We are incredibly relieved to have the work up. Now it's just the trying to get the word out which is not nearly as fun as making art.


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