Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Calendar girl...

For quite a few years, I have made my own calendars, I know.  OCD.  But I want my calendars to have large squares with lines to write in appointments neatly.  It has to be on a non-glossy paper, so I can write with know, 'cause I don't like how messy it looks to scratch out.  I also like to have room to write notes.  Thanks to Microsoft Publisher, I have been making them to my exact needs, and printing them out on cardstock.  Added benefit is that the 3-hole punched pages can go in a binder to refer back to things like oh, doctor appointments etc.
But it's kind a pain to check and double check to make sure you get all the dates and holidays correct.  It could be disastrous if you get off by a day.  Especially since I also made a duplicate for a friend who somehow convinced me that I needed to keep her on track and on schedule.  :)
Then last fall I happened to come across a commercially made calendar that ticked almost every single box on my 'needs' list.  The paper is a little glossy, but a pencil writes on it just fine, so it's good.  It has some cute artwork, but it doesn't waste the whole top half...there's plenty of room for the large squares...with lines...and a place to write notes. 
And the best calendar tip I ever learned was from flylady who taught me to hang your calendar where you actually see it first thing in the morning and last thing at night...the bathroom!  TMI?  :)


  1. Now that's a good idea .... !!!!

  2. Ours lives on the kitchen door... actually I guess it lives on the door to the basement which is in the kitchen... but it has 2 problems one I am required to remember to write info on it... and 2 I then have to check it every day to see who it is that is suppose to be doing something! I do like the idea of the bigger squares though. Do you still get half squares if there are parts of 6 weeks?


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