Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012...


I made these ornaments our very first year together.  Our initials...awwwww.

These two were made in probably the late '70s.


...also the '70s.


This one came to our tree while we lived on Hummingbird Lane.

Purchased this Drummer Boy while Jared was in the percussion section...and the disco ball is in honor of his little disco baby.


This one came the year we had a precious foster baby who moved his arms and legs just like this Santa's.


This one reminds us of former jobs. that we are glad are behind us.

This one was a souvenier from the best vacation ever.

Some I get for others to take home, and they forget to, so I keep them.

I bought this year, thinking Caitlyn would like it.

But she chose this spun-glass angel instead.

And a mantel snow village that commemorates our favorite Christmas movie.

"A Christmas Story" 's Chop Suey Palace on the left, the Parker's house above with the major award showing in the front window, and the school yard's frozen flag pole.

But these are always the most beautiful parts of my home at Christmas time or any other.  Can you believe that Diego (there in the middle) is embarrassed by those gorgeous dimples?!  He doesn't like to smile for pictures.  Just wait a few years, Diego.  When the girls start finding them irresistable, you'll appreciate them!

And poor little Caitlyn didn't get those two front teeth for Christmas, after all.




  1. Gorgeous grandchildren, Kathleen. And lovely Christmas decs. A very happy 2013 to you.

  2. I'll have to do the same…we found we were 3 short on the traditional ornaments from my MIL to all the grand kids out of the 25 we should to find those and photograph!


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