Sunday, February 12, 2012

Clickety clack...

The knitting needles have been clicking out a staccato rhythm for the past week.

You've seen Chloe's hat already when I had her and Caitlyn try it on to make sure it fit. 

Caitlyn didn't want hers to be identical, so I went with a black stripe instead of green, and I changed from a bow to a crocheted flower with a black button center.

And when Diego found out I was knitting hats for the girls, he requested one in black and red.  His is made of wool that is a finer weight, and he's quite a bit older than the girls, so I opted to increase the stitch count quite a bit.  It's a little large, but he can wear it longer, right?  Oh, well, it will keep his ears warm.

When I delivered Diego's this afternoon, I took orders for color choices from Bobby and Chandler.  But they won't be getting theirs in time to take skiing this week.


  1. Wonderful! And I love that they're all different. :) And I love that she wanted a different one.

  2. Great photos Kathleen. I love the hats! Soo cute, but the grandchildren really make the hats! Miss you and so glad to see you everyday on your blog. It's beautiful by the way, and inspires me so much. xo

  3. ohemgee! Where do I place MY orders?
    these are too too cute! love the bow!


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