Monday, February 6, 2012

The best laid plans...

No matter how hard I try, I can never seem to put a meal on the table on time.

Yesterday I made my menu for the week, and made a massive grocery run (I was out of everything).  Done.

Earlier today I pre-cooked meat to make it quick to toss together recipe ingredients later, and I repackaged others for slow cooker recipes so that they will be quick to thaw.  Done.

Tonight's dinner was going to be a new recipe.  A microwave 'roasted' chicken.  Into the dish easy peasy.  Set the cook time for 40 minutes and walked away.  About ten minutes later I heard an odd silence from the kitchen.  Apparently my cheapo microwave gets overheated and shuts itself off.  At its rate of run time, my 40 minute chicken would have taken about two hours...I could have had it done quicker in the conventional oven.  I opted to drive my chicken over to Kasey's and use her microwave to finish cooking it.

On the bright side, the chicken did turn out tender and moist, and not at all what I would think a microwaved chicken would turn out like.  And we enjoyed it even if it was a little later than planned.

I boned what was left and have already added it to a casserole ready for another night.  But I'm not going to put any bets on getting that on the table on time either.

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