Thursday, May 19, 2011

Trying a new recipe...

Awhile back I saw a recipe over at Berlin's Whimsy that intrigued me.  I loved the comment discussion of what the recipe name was...the consensus was Dutch Babies.  I like reminds me of Kit and Kat the little Dutch twins...from a favorite antique book.  I'm expecting some overnight company in a couple of weeks, and I thought this might be a special (but sneakily easy) breakfast to have for them.  Tonight I did a test run.

Opinions were mixed.  I thought it was good.  Jared was not a fan.

I'm not sure if I should make it for company or least not this company (one always eats oatmeal, the other has already requested breakfast tacos).  But I will make it again...I definitely want to try some of Berlin's other serving suggestions.


  1. Geez, a request for breakfast tacos! I hope they are close family! My guest get toast and cereal laid out for them - eggs maybe! Lol! That does look delish!

  2. It looks rather like Yorkshire Pudding (something we Brits eat with Roast Beef - not sure if you have such a thing in the States), so doesn't float my boat as an idea for breakfast, but it is definitely intriguing.

  3. Looks a lot like my Apple Pfannkuchen with a different topping. It's basically a baked pancake with a topping right?

    We make it really often in the winter time...real comfort food. I need to branch out and try it with different toppings though. Just got stuck on the apples 'cause they're so yummy!

    My topping recipe is just sliced apples with a bit of cinnamon & sugar. However we added some chopped sausages (Kiolbasa links or Li'l Smokies - whatever I have on hand) to make it a bit heartier for my hubby.

    YUM! May have to make it again soon. It's been a while.

    Happy Weekend my friend!

  4. Joolz...close, close friend who lives too far away...she used to live here, and one of the things she misses is breakfast tacos...and they are easy, because I just go pick them up at the taco place! :)

    Caroline...I looked up Yorkshire Pudding recipe, and it is basically just like that, but without any beef drippings. I would never have guessed that, glad you mentioned it.

    Steph...lovely indeed, and easy! you saute (or otherwise cook the apples), or do you use them uncooked? I guess it's like baking pancake batter, but definitely doesn't finish fluffy like actual pancakes...more like bread pudding without the bread thrown in. :)

  5. I saute the apples in butter with cinnamon & sugar. I cook them down pretty good to get 'em kinda caramelized. Mmmmmmm...

    The texture is definitely is not like regular pancakes, but I really like it.

    I've always wondered about Yorkshire pudding. May actually have to try it one of these days.


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