Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday's snail mail...

I hope you're not getting bored with the cards I've shown lately.  But my 52-letters-in-52-weeks project has rekindled my card making.

I was browsing over at One Pretty Thing one morning this week and came across an idea that I love, love, love from Mel Designs.  Can you guess where the paper that the flowers are made from might be found?  Are you ready for this?  The recycle bin!  It's the interior side of security envelopes that come in your bills, etc.

I'm loving the cards I'm seeing lately that are embellished with a sewing machine.  And since my sewing machine is set up and at the ready in my living room at the moment, I am more than happy to experiment with a new card idea.  With these, I used a punch for the six-petaled flower shape.  The circle behind that, the little flower center, and the leaves, I just free handed with scissors.  Once I had sewn them down, I wrinkled them up a bit just for some added texture.

Accountability stats:  3 weeks/6 letters

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  1. Love your variations! Will be checking in frequently to see what cool ideas you come up with on your 52 cards challenge! Thanks for the link


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