Thursday, May 5, 2011

Today's creative effort...

Oh my goodness...such a pathetic half-%$$ed result. 

I finally broke out the sewing machine today to work on the girls' dresses...yes, I have been seriously procrastinating...still.  And since I lubed the machine, I didn't want to sew directly onto the dress fabric first thing.  So I broke out the old paper stash and made one of these cards that I've been meaning to do for forever.  Ugh.  The tension is weird in the stitching.  I didn't ink up the stamp well enough either.  But too bad.  It is going in the mail.  I am planning to mail it to my friend Debbie who makes THE most beautiful cards in the whole world.  Oh lordy, she will think I have suffered some debilitating mental and or physical injury when she sees this!


I couldn't stand it.  After several hours, I dragged everything back out and made a second card.  Debbie will get the second one, shown below.

I also repaired the first one (somewhat).  The stitching is still crap, but slightly less obvious after adding a layered 'hello'.  I will send it to a friend who appreciates imperfection

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