Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's so cliche...

Opportunity knocks but once...have you ever passed on an opportunity that you regret? --Not really, because the path I've taken has brought me here, and I wouldn't really want to change anything.

The pot calling the kettle black you ever catch yourself criticizing others for something you are guilty of yourself? --
Yes. When I find myself feeling an instant dislike for someone, I can usually find something about them that reminds me of my own worst habits.

Pride cometh before a fall...what event made this cliche real for you? --I'm not the most graceful person, so you would think I would know better. At my high school reunion (!), before the dancing got started, I took a shortcut across the room to talk to in the middle of an empty dance floor and in front of lots of people, I slipped and fell flat on my tuche.

Be careful what you wish for...what was something that you wished for, that had a less than desirable result? --Usually when I wish for more free time, it means less money and/or accident or injury that keeps me off my feet!

Good things come to those who wait...what have you had to wait for that was totally worth it? much as I loved living all alone on top of a remote hill, I often wished that we lived close enough to run to the store etc. And now that we can, I do LOVE IT!

Love is blind...what is a really annoying habit of someone you love, that you have learned to live with? love doesn't have a lot of bad habits (which in and of itself can be really annoying), so I have to say expecting everyone to live up to his standards...he isn't very empathetic.

Misery loves company...when have you just wanted the company of an understanding ear rather than a problem solver? --When I have gained weight. I'm not stupid...I know what causes weight gain...I don't need any oh-so-helpful input, thank you.

Put your money where your mouth you have a favorite charity or cause? --Cancer charities.

Live dangerously...what do you do that others consider dangerous? --Travel on my own. It's in my genes.

Read between the you take notes in books you're reading...yes or no? --Yes. Not library books, mind you. :) And not (usually) novels. But if I'm reading non-fiction or self-help/instructional, I like to highlight and underline, write notes in the margins, etc. Particularly if I know I'll be passing it on to a friend, so they will know what I found worthy of thought and discussion.

Pearls of wisdom...what's the wisest piece of advice you ever received? --Never threaten anything that you are not prepared to follow through on.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...what do you love that others do not see beauty in? --Birkenstocks!

Finders keepers, losers weepers...Did you ever find anything that you happily kept? Did you ever lose anything that you still hope you will run across someday? --Some of my favorite finds were things that previous homeowners have left in homes we purchased...a large mirror that was in our first home, and we still carry it around with us today...and large glass serving plates were left in our second home that I still use when I entertain. On the other hand, when moving houses once, I think I left a necklace hanging on a nail, and I still wish I was mistaken and that I will find it in a trinket box someday.

While the cat's away, the mice will play...When you get a day all to yourself, what do you do for fun? --Something crafty!

Old habits die hard...What is the one habit you wish you could break? --Procrastination!

Tying up some loose ends...what project do you need to finish up? --I've been meaning to go through my cookbooks and pare them down drastically.

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