Monday, February 21, 2011

A whole lotta nada...

Nada. Zilch. Zippo. I got nuttin' I tell ya. No progress. No juice. No mmphh.

I have fabric and pattern...but can't seem to make the first cut. (And can I just say that granted it has been a long time since I've made little-girl clothing, but this 'Easy' pattern does not sound so easy after reading the instruction sheet.)

I have paint and brushes, but not a drop or stroke on the wall.

I have hammer and nails, but every frame is still leaning against the wall on the floor.

I have screws and L-brackets, but my shelf is not a shelf.

I have camera and sunshine, but no images in the keep file...except the one above, which I only kept to head this post...meh.

I have had four days at home and nothing that I can point to and show for it.

I guess I'll go to bed and finish my library book.


  1. I think we all have our blah moments. I guess, on the plus side, there haven't been any dramas in your life to blog about, so that's a good thing. Blogging will be restored shortly, I'm sure.

    Cheers - Jooolz

  2. lol....sounds like a plan :)
    Don't fret, spring is coming, and hopefully with it the return of zing, zest and inspiration!

  3. Is the picture local? I'd put up the 'pictures' first... then they won't be leaning on the walls for your to trip over in the dark!

    About half of Canada got a holiday yesterday... however those of us that are self employed never really get a holiday... but then you can look at it from the other angle we never have to really work either!

    Not sure when the scarf will be done.. don't think I can do it in the car as I'm sure I would tangle it around the clutch or the brake or something....



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