Thursday, February 10, 2011


You might remember this little cap from my post awhile back. I was going to wait till I had a little stockpile built up, and then talk to someone about donating them.

Then the other day I stumbled upon
this post from Steph on Snickerdoodle. Perfect timing! A cause. Detailed instructions for mailing. An offer of knitting help. And a giveaway to boot!

You'll notice this button

over on the right side of my blog. Click it for Steph's full post. It's awesome.

I mailed my cap off in the mail this morning, and I've had a smile on my face all day.


  1. Well, thank you! I have been knitting baby hats all winter for my church charity knitting group. This past weekend, we were informed that our charity only wants scarves right now. Ack! I have quite a few hats looking to do some good in the world now. I'm off to click on your link!

  2. Oh, Renee', I'm so happy you found this info helpful too!

  3. Will check out the knitting charity ... I like knitting when we're driving and I spend way to much time in the car knitting sweaters I don't need!

    Here's my address

    D Lynne Bowland
    281 Route 772
    Lord's Cove NB
    E5V 1J2

    Thanks for drawing my name I actually can use dish cloths... it is so nice to win something useful! :-)!!!!


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