Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Packing status...

I have been packing books for what seems like forever--I don't mean hours, I mean days!--and yet I still cannot see an end to the job. Each time I tape up a box, I turn back to the shelf to find that it is still full. They seem to be breeding! It's very frustrating, and saps my drive.

The bookcase in the photo is one that Carey salvaged and refinished about twenty years ago. You have to understand that he is utterly opposed to painting wood. What is it about men and wood finishes? But a little while ago, he was walking through the room, and we were talking about where furniture pieces are going to be located in the new house. When out of the blue, he looks at this bookshelf and says..."I guess we can paint this." I could not believe it. I have never even asked, because I was sure I knew the answer. Hmmm.

I had better not be doing all this packing for nothing, as we STILL have not closed on the sale or purchase of properties. ugh


  1. How far are you moving? Will you still be 4 miles north of Nowhere or will you now be 15 miles east of nowhere?

    My parents are in the process of selling their house they have been in for 57 years... I get to go home 4000 miles west next week to help pack and pitch!

    Actually I'd rather pack than unpack!

  2. My husband is opposed to painting wood also, BUT I will be painting our kitchen cabinets next year! I hate packing--I think we have at least one more move in us to a one level house hopefully!

  3. Hi there, Islandgirl! We're moving about an hour away...I'm guessing it's about 25 miles north of SOMEWHERE. Good luck with the packing and pitching!

    Howdy, V! One level was my main criteria. :) Take care of your hand...I hope it heals quickly and well.

  4. Kelley(of the Facebook Kelley)October 1, 2010 at 5:15 PM

    Well at least you know now, that the move is ON!!! Congrats on signing!!!! Now you can stop with the fake pics of packing and really start.... Love ya


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