Monday, June 7, 2010

Seven (not so) random thoughts on the 7th...

Not so random, because they all have to do with Caitlyn's birthday, she's not 7...the photo is a little misleading, but it goes with my regular posts on the 7th. Please humor me.

1. What should a girl get to do on her birthday, but her all time favorite thing...getting a mani and pedi! We went to a shop, but a home mani/pedi party would be just as much fun...just need helpers to paint and entertain while the polish dries.

2. How old are you today, Caitlyn?

3. And who better to have at your side on your birthday than your lil sis. Looks like they are practicing their lounge act, doesn't it?

The place we went was a kids hair stylist that had a party room in the back for mani and pedi parties. They had dress up clothes, and a small stage with a karaoke machine and closed-circuit tv so kiddoes could see themselves on screen.

I wish I could share photos of the other party goers, but I don't like to post photos without their parents' permission. Nonetheless, it was a lovely group of girls between the ages of three (almost four) and seven.

4. And for a little comic relief..."I kid you not, Ladies and Gentlemen, my cake is THIS tall and leans like the Tower of Pisa!"

5. Oh, good heavens! I thought that I had seen the last of Chuck, since the boys have kind of outgrown him. Not so fast, Grandma. Girls just wanna have fun!

6. Back home for cake. "Mom! Did you let Grandma help decorate the cake again?"

Note to self (and daughter): regular cake mixes are not appropriate for large theme cake pans. This was supposed to be a super-size cupcake cake. I think it needed to be made out of pound cake or something really dense.

It actually looks like several scoops of ice cream to me. So maybe if we had just set the plate on a large terra cotta flower pot, it would have looked like a super-sized ice cream cone! Ah well, time ran out, and Caitlyn didn't seema a bit upset with the result. :)

7. And as she rides off into the sunset, she begs the gramma-razzi to put away the cameras. "I just want to enjoy a quiet day with my family, people."


  1. Ha ha, the cake looks like an icecream/chocolate oreo S'more to me - bet it tasted delicious! I know a guy whose grandchildren (aged from babies to tweenies)make his birthday cake for his party each year. Man we've seen some cake-wrecks but the love put into each cake makes them taste that much sweeter! What a lovely day the birthday girl had.

    Cheers - Joolz

    PS Have you been to ?

  2. what a fun girlie party :)
    I love the blue toes!
    And the looks wonderful to me :)

  3. Funny!!
    Love the Pisa comment! :)

  4. You have me laughing about the "I just want to spend a quiet day with my people" What great fun. I can't wait to some day join the gramma-razzi!

  5. Joolz--I love threatened to submit this to it. LOL

    Niki--It was fun, start to finish, and the cake was so much more memorable for its uniqueness. :)

    Steph--Beau actually called it the Leaning Tower of Pinkness...cracked us up.

    Polly--It's the best! I'm just there to enjoy and document...and I don't have to clean up! :)

  6. So cute --I think the STAGE might be in her future! V

  7. So cute --I think the STAGE might be in her future! V

  8. So cute --I think the STAGE might be in her future! V

  9. So cute --I think the STAGE might be in her future! V


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