Monday, June 14, 2010


Monday is here again. That man in the picture? My boss. How can you dread Mondays when you have this to look forward to? LOL I took my camera into the office with me last week, and was showing a co-worker some of its features, when I snapped this photo. The Boss Man loved it so much he insisted I use it on the blog. He's a character...and a good sport.

Actually, Tuesdays are my Monday, and I have a million things to do before then. Yet I sit here on the computer.

The weekend was dominated by Carey's painful case of poison ivy. He's such a man. I know it is torturous, because he is actually taking Benedryll and using Calamine like I suggested.

Oh, and then this morning he got a phone call that his job at the current location is ending. They say they will have a place for him...but not knowing where etc. yet is a little worrisome.

I have to leave in a few hours to go spend the night with the kiddoes. I have a meeting tomorrow a couple of hours away, and staying there tonight will put me that much closer in the morning. Now if I could just gather the motivation to pack and finish getting ready.


  1. I'm glad your boss has a sense of humor. That goes a long way. The poison ivy must be bad if the man is actually using medication:)

  2. Debbie--you have one of those that won't take anything too? Oi!


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