Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What is this stuff?...

"What is this stuff?" I ask in a huff,
as I look through the insular glass.

I step outside and eyes go wide
at the giant white flakes falling fast.

From heavy skies the white stuff flies
landing on brush, lane, and grass.

It rested on trees...

and SUVs..
waiting for more to amass.

But this is the south, and shut my mouth
if the weather does not quickly pass.

So this photo of barn, and my rhyming yarn
will lay proof, since it surely won't last.


  1. Okay.
    So that's not your barn, right?
    Because... if so... how come I've never once seen it?
    Photo ops, there. I'd take daily pics, I think. Every window joint and rusty screw.

    Has a volcano moved next door? You gots ash floatin' down?

  2. Well, you've seen it at least once here, because you commented on this post! LOL

    I know I've taken other pics. I'm sure I have. I must have. :)

    But I don't go inside unless I absolutely have to (sssssssssnakes).

  3. It is rain here all the time and even though I complain about the dark gray days in Florence, OR. I am so thankful I no longer live in North Idaho with the snow.
    Spring is on its way.


  4. Now you have about as much as we do. This has been the most mild winter ever since we've lived in Maine. It's like May weather around here. I am so excite for the storm we are getting tomorrow so we can squeeze a couple more weeks out of the ski season.
    I am gad you got such a wonderful treat!!!

  5. Yeah, I remember. Sort of. :)
    No, I do. lol

    I'm guessing rattlesnakes - I remember once we were at your house in a kiddie pool, and KimK called out, "Uncle Carey.... come here, there's a garden snake!" and Uncle Carey came, and said "That's a rattlesnake!!
    And I remember that he collected skins and had them hangin. :)
    We love snakes around here.
    Well. You know. Friendly ones. :)

  6. Hi Nicole, Today's snow was a nice surprise, but I can't imagine living somewhere like Idaho or Maine.

    speaking of which...

    Kim, I heard on the radio the other day that Maine had no poisonous now I definitely want to come see you.

    Oh, Steph, that was a terrible scare for me! Living in that town was such a trial...we had rattlers at every house we ever lived in there.


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