Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day...

This is the 34th Valentine's day that Carey and I have spent together. (Why yes, we were betrothed as children.) We know what will bring a smile to the other's heart.

This is what I'm doing today (Carey's favorite)...

This is what Carey is doing today (my favorite)...



  1. I love the couch and the cookies oh and the cushions. Basically I love everything in the photographs that begins with a c. Think they'd ship to England?

  2. Sweet FT...I'd gladly ship the couch to England...or Mongolia...or the moon. I do love the way it looks, and it's okay to sit on, but it is hopeless to try to get snuggly comfy, or to lie on...very firm. It was a Craigslist bargain, though, so not a big investment.

    The cushions I do love, so I'm keeping them.

    But I'll send you some cookies!


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