Sunday, November 22, 2009

What's on your kitchen windowsill...

I recently found another blog that I really like...Humble Stars & Posies. Recently Sonja (said blogger) had a random musing and asked the question, "What's on your kitchen windowsill?"

That really struck a chord with me, because my kitchen windowsill is one of my favorite spots. So I thought I would follow Sonja's you my windowsill and pass the question on.

I recently put away some summery items that had long languished on the sill, and put out the antique blue mason jars (and luckily I dusted a bit when I did that!)

The left side of the sill is the home of a little stone elephant...a gift from a very special friend. When she gave him to me, she said that elephants are good luck, and they should face east. So this is the home he claimed as his own where he can see the rising sun, and I can see him daily and think of my sweet friend. The donkey reminds me of her as well, good Democrat that she is, and he leans to the left. :) And of course my watch and wedding rings land there at dinner prep time. The right side of the sill temporarily has an autumn scents reed diffuser on it...part of a birthday present.

This little rock lives here behind the faucet, just under the sill. Probably one of the kids brought it in to me while visiting...not really sure...perhaps it would be happier living in the great outdoors again. :)

Today I am very thankful for my kitchen window...what's inside it and what's outside it.

Well, that's my windowsill. So what's on yours?


  1. Thanks so much for the link! I love seeing your sill and learning that elephants should face east. (Guess I need to go adjust mine now) It's sweet that you appreciate the smallest elements like the little rock residing behind the faucett. All of those little bits that grace our life have a story of their own.

  2. One little clay monk, and four pots of plants, now supplemented by a grow light, because an east-facing window 14 miles north of St.Paul doesn't grow much on it's own. Drying cofee grounds for a fossil project, the apple peeler, orange juicer and tortilla/lefsa press. Hope of more herbs for the winter, and two tissue-[a[er flower vases!

  3. Hey, Sonja! Thanks for the idea! glad to have you stop in! If you looked real close, you may have noticed that any greenery on my sill was of the plastic variety. I have such a brown thumb. Hope you have fresh herbs sll winter long...maybe your little clay monk will pray over them. :)

  4. I have blue jars on my sill too! And a small bell, a glass owl, bird, hen dish and a vintage vacation Bible school pin that has Jesus on it with the words "come unto me." The pin is nested in a metal prong flower frog. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  5. Polly, I would have bet every cent to my name that you would have jars on your windowsill. :) I love your newest little blue jar piece.


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