Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kampin' with K2...

I am not a camper...probably due to childhood trauma experienced when trapped in a small camper with feuding parents...what temptation the Grand Canyon presented me on that trip...

But I digress.

My friend, the other Kathleen (hereafter referred to as K2) loves camping. So much so that she recently bought a small pop-up camper. And she somehow talked me into joining her for a few days. I figured, if I hated it, I could always get a hotel room nearby.

Here's K2 in her cute little camper. Yes. Yes, that is a cell phone on her ear. So much for roughing it. Hmmmph. But before you think we got off too easy, I must whine a little about putting up with communal showers and bathrooms. Okay, I'm over it.

We took a day trip over to Hope, Arkansas to visit a friend we share. That was very fun, since she had no prior warning that we would be in her area, and we just popped in on her. That's what happens when you don't answer your phone, Christy!

K2 then made me tour the boyhood home of Bill Clinton. It was okay, I guess, but the best part was that the gift shop was right across the street from a Sonic!

We also had a great visit with K2's Carthage family who drove over for lunch (and for me to finagle an unofficial adoption and wedding invitation).

We packed a lot of activity into our time together, and a good time was had by all. Here you can see it on our faces in the photo we took before breaking camp...everyone is smiling!

Left to right: K2, Bailey, and K1 (me)

ps: on the way home I stopped to visit my cousin and aunt and uncle. that deserves its own post. to be continued...


  1. Looks like fun--sort of. I hate camping, but this camper is so, well "campy!" Next time you go to Hope, go by Old Washington State Park--my favorite! I love the pioneer graveyard there (weird, I know). C

  2. It must be noted that K1 is easy to travel with and very flexible.
    You may want to invite her to join your next expedition.

    This flexiblity can be documented by these facts gleaned from the recent camping trip--

    1. willing to eat tiramisu for breakfast;
    2. no griping about retrieving lost objects;
    3. shares movie popcorn generously;
    4. appreciates a good dog, even if he snores.

  3. Dear, dear, K2, "easy to travel with and very flexible" is the very definition of low maintenence!

  4. C, the pioneer graveyard doesn't sound weird at all. I love haunting a good graveyard now and then. (pardon the pun, please.)

  5. If you venture into Arkansas again, be sure to let us know--maybe we could meet up and have lunch! I so appreciate your kind words and prayers! Vicki

  6. Vicki, I will definitely give y'all a shout when I venture near you. I cross the state occassionally on my way to Kentucky. It would be fun to get together for lunch.


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