Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter...

I hope everybody enjoyed Easter blessings today.  

I put together some teeny baskets (inspired by Rachel Tessman on Youtube) to hold some chocolate treats for the girls.  Then I found out Bobby had made a quick trip home and that we would get to see him, so I made another without the flowers.  :)

When we got there, he was grabbing a nap on the sofa.  I took a quick snap when he woke up.

And it's bluebonnet season again, so I managed (barely) to talk the girls into taking a few pictures out in them.

They were not thrilled, and refused to go to a spot that is a much better setting but too public for their liking.  That's okay.   I made each of these three photos of the kids into postcards using the Touchnote app.  Love that app.  Open the app, choose a photo from your phone, write a message, include an address, and they print and mail it snail mail to the recipient.  

If I remember correctly, the cost is about $2 per postcard.  I have quite a few credits that I purchased when they were having a special.  Carey's mom really likes getting pictures of the kids in the mail.  I also used it while we were on vacation to send postcards to the kids.  They are printed on nice thick, glossy postcards.  Fun mail!

Tomorrow it's back to work, so I need to go pack a lunch.  Have a great week, everybody!


  1. Your granddaughters look so prettysitting amongst the flowers. What are the flowers called? The Spring is very slow in arriving for us this year although we do have daffodils and other spring bulbs in bloom. It looks like you had a wonderful family Easter. It is my favourite holiday as it is just a bit more relaxed than Christmas. The Monday following Easter Sunday is a traditional bank holiday here in the UK so no work for most people. Still, it might be nice to get away from all the clearing up after yesterday’s party.

    1. Thank you; they looked cute, but they weren’t very happy with me. I think they were afraid someone from school would see them. Apparently I am forgiven for risking their embarrassment, as one of the girls just asked if she could come hang out over here on Friday night.

      These wildflowers are called ‘bluebonnets’ and are the State flower of Texas.

  2. Lovely photos of your grandchildren and the baskets you made are soooo cute!


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