Wednesday, April 13, 2016

When it rains, it hails...

So Jared received his car back from the mechanic on Monday.  Last night, Tuesday, a new issue came up.

You may remember that we had a little hail a couple of weeks ago.  Last night larger hail bombarded the area of the city he works in.  

He had just finished his shift at work.  It was only drizzling when he walked out to his car, but he wasn't even out of the parking lot before the heavens opened up.


The hailstone that went through his back window was still lying frozen on the backseat when he finally made it home.  The interstate highway had portions so deep in water that he worried about his car stalling.  Visibility was so poor that traffic was only able to move at a crawl, and even so, he missed seeing his exit and was miles past before he realized it...this on a familiar route driven daily.  

This is actually fairly light damage compared to the photographs of area damage shown on the news.  A grocery store in the city had dozens of skylights broken out, and the rain then poured through them, flooding the store and ruining the stock.  Homes had windows broken out and siding with holes punched completely through.  Hailstones were reported from golf ball sized, to tennis ball, baseball, and even grapefruit sized.

Body shops are now booked through the end of August (!), and car window supplies are on backorder everywhere.  Not a rental car to be found in our community or anywhere in the big city, so we are back to sharing.  

I'm just very thankful he made it home safely, and that we didn't have hail out in our area.


  1. So glad Jared is okay! That's scary! My foster daughter was at work at the grocery store you mentioned when all that happened. She said it was complete madness in the store.

    Also, she had just picked up a rental car that morning (her regular car is at the dealership until June waiting for recall work to be done). Her rental car was pretty much totaled by the storm. UGH. Crazy weather. Sure hope this weekend doesn't bring anything too severe.

    1. Goodness gracious, can’t imagine being in the store. Glad she’s okay too!


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