Thursday, April 28, 2016

The accidental comedian...

image credit: Bing clipart

Well, it's scorpion season.  I have killed a couple of them in the house in the past few days.

This morning I decided the dust and detritus on the bathroom floor had reached critical mess mass and had to be dealt with.  I retrieved the broom from the laundry room, and when I started to sweep the floor, a scorpion magically appeared.  I yelped and exclaimed that there was a scorpion hiding in the broom.

The hubs innocently replies that it probably thought I'd never find it in there.

If I had said that, it would have been dripping with sarcasm at how infrequently the broom gets used .  I admit it; I'm a smart @$$.  The hubs, however, imparts his words with no ulterior intent.  

Sometimes that man cracks me up...even if he doesn't mean to...especially if he doesn't mean to.


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