Thursday, April 7, 2016

Seven random thoughts on the 7th...

1.  This is the fourth day I've worked this month...only ten more to go.  So many days scheduled at the same branches means they may notice my wardrobe repeats.  Normally I don't work more than a day or two a month at the same branch since leaving full-time work, so I scaled back my work wardrobe dramatically.  Ah, well, I'll switch up the accessories and call it good.

2.  "If a 'g' comes at the end of a word, the pronunciation is a hard 'g':  bug, frog, jug, mug, pig, wig, zigzag."  I really, really hate it when people type 'frig' as an abbreviation for refrigerator, when it should be 'fridge.'  A former co-worker used to use it all the time.  One day I wrote in the margin, "Did you know this means f*ck?"  I see it all the time in Blogland when clicking over to check out recipes or projects I see on Pinterest.  I never, ever correct anyone on their blog, but I figure I can vent on my own.  I don't think I've ever seen it on any of my favorite blogs, so I'm not trying to call anyone out here, and I truly hope I'm not offending anyone.

3.  Monday as I was running errands on my way to quilt at the library, I noticed a clicking noise.  I got out to check my tires and found this.  :(  
The tire was still inflated, and I was very near the library, so I headed straight there.  I texted Carey the photo, and he texted back that he would come and change it for me.  So happy he was home to do it. I used to actually like changing tires, but the spare on my SUV is really hard to get to, and I'm not sure my knees are up to it these days.  I happily quilted while my man came and took care of it.  

4.  Costco trip required this weekend.  Prescription refills.  Pecans.  Dishwasher tabs.  New printer?  

5.  We are down a car this week (unrelated to tire problem above).  Sharing hasn't been too I've been working in town this week.  If repairs aren't finished by Monday I may have to rent a car.

6.  I have made no progress on cleaning out the storage shed.  I just realized that maybe knowing that is what I really should be doing, I instead booked up my month full of work days.   The heat will be on us before we know it, and then...I know me...I will put it off till fall. 

7.  I was so happy to see 5 o'clock yesterday.  I really must get more sleep.

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