Saturday, September 12, 2015

The stars have aligned...

Or maybe there is a perfect storm, since at the moment it looks like a tornado has come through much of the house.  

I'm much more apt to go at a round of Fall cleaning than I am Spring cleaning.  Add to that I have recently finished and enjoyed the Marie Kondo book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and my m-i-l is arriving next week.  Right now I am suffering some doubt that things will be presentable by then.  Only time will tell.

 Since I have an angel of cleaning scheduled on Tuesday, I am leaving the regular cleaning (vacuuming and dusting, etc) for her visit, and I'm only working at decluttering and organizing.  Well, except for getting crazy with the pumice stone the other night.  

Today I came across some time capsules packing boxes, that have apparently been in storage since two or three moves ago.  I took photos, because these are ones my husband packed...and labeled.  He is a pretty good packer...after all this time and all the moves I didn't find anything broken...but he is an atrocious labeler.  For pretty much our entire marriage I have teased him, because he is apt to label almost everything 'Glass Dishes,' and it could mean anything from actual dinnerware to clay flower pots (complete with dirt).

These two boxes were actually pretty accurately covered by their 'glass dishes' label.  There were quite a few pitchers, a gravy boat, a canister set, and casserole dishes.

But wait.  There's more!

I thought for sure I had gotten rid of this Corningware coffee pot years ago.  It was a wedding gift, and I don't think it has ever been used for coffee.  Now I recall that Carey would never let me donate or otherwise dispose of it, because he loved to use it filled with water and boiling on the stove with steam coming out of the spout to set creases into his cowboy hats.  Ummm...I haven't seen him wear a cowboy hat in about a decade and a half.  Maybe because his steamer was packed away!  LOL  

Interesting little pottery whiskey jug.  I bought it at an antique store, because I liked the design.  When I unpacked it today I noticed that it is from Nelson County, Kentucky; a place I had never heard of back when this was packed away, but  since then I have spent months at a time there on more than one occasion.  

And last but not least, this hardly belonged in a box of 'glass dishes.'  Kenny!  Long time no see, buddy.  :)

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up says to expect a proper clean out to take about six months.  That rings so much truer to me than the organization programs on television where everything is perfectly organized within the hour program.  

At the moment, the back of my car is full of boxes and bags to drop off at Goodwill.  I plan to continue with the decluttering, so I'm sure you will be hearing more about it and what interesting things I unearth.  :)


  1. I"m on it, too!
    Busy season coming on, plus Daddy and Uncle Dean are coming back by again on their way home (they've been in Alaska all summer.)

  2. Yea! As I'm working I will think of you being my partner. :) Tell your Daddy hello. Alaska through the summer sounds like heaven!

  3. I am going to have the same experience in a couple of years when we have built our new house and I get around to eventually unpacking the rest of the boxes here. I do spy, what looks like a very cute, yellow gravy boat on the table which would look adorable filled with little daisies or pansies. All the best with MILs visit.

    1. I love that little gravy boat too, and it would be adorable with flowers in it.

      It’s nice to find much loved things that I haven’t seen in awhile…not so much the things that have me scratching my head and asking, ‘why did we bother packing that!’

  4. Ugh...I so need to do that...I've gotten some done, but not enough. SOOOOO much more to do...sooooooo little time...YOU GO GIRL!!!

  5. Our poor trash men are going to throw their backs out tomorrow when they pick up! Our container has NEVER been so full...and lots of empty boxes that will have to sit alongside. Still lot more to go...I'm pacing myself. :)


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