Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Too busy to read Wednesday...

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  6:30 up to take out trash before the truck comes by.

  9:30 text from friend, "Call me when you get up."

  9:31 "I'm up."

10:00 shower

10:30 fill car with gasoline, drive to city

11:30 lunch with friend

  1:00 home again, trash still sitting out front, truck still not here

  1:10 dark laundry in to wash

  2:10  laundry shuffle, lights in to wash

  3:10  laundry shuffle, hang up darks, sheets in to wash

  4:10  laundry shuffle, hang up lights, fold rest, empty dishwasher

  4:15 trash pick up, finally, why did I get up so early?  
because if I didn't they would have come at 7:00am

  4:30  find UPS package

  5:00  remaining figs in to cook

  5:05 stir figs, unload clean dishes from dishwasher

  5:10 stir figs

  5:15 stir figs...repeat...repeat...repeat

  5:40  add sugar...stir...stir...repeat...repeat

  6:00  remove sterilized jars from boiling water, pour boiling water over thumb

  6:01 run thumb under cold water

  6:05  fill jars with hot preserves, cap jars, water bath

  6:15 remove jars from water bath

  6:30  hand wash pots, load dishwasher

  7:00 clean sheets back on bed

  7:30 start breakfast for dinner prep

  9:00 Carey arrives home, eggs in pan, hot biscuits out of oven

  9:30  Phone call from daughter re: school and activity schedules for kids while she's on upcoming business trip

10:00  Listen to work news from hubby

11:00  Check email, read blogs, prepare blog post

12:00  check Missouri Star deal of day

12:10  lights out


  1. OMW, I can SO relate! Why do we have to put the bins out so early when they don't come until the afternoon?

  2. Just a normal 'day off'! Phew!

    Our garbage collection is no different - 7.30am one week, 10.30am the next! In winter, we put them out the night before so we can sleep in!

    1. Oh, we always put it out the night before. But when I’m in declutter mode like right now, night owl that I am always finds more to be added. :)

  3. I'm exhausted just READING that!!! Feel like I need a nap now!

    1. LOL I just want to sit and read, but I will persevere. Still work to do before company arrives later this week.


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