Monday, September 14, 2015

Mantel decoration...

Still cleaning, and one thing just leads to another and another and another.  

Today it was time to dust the mantel.  I hadn't changed the decorations on it in a long time, so thought I'd change that up too.  

I was wanting to use the mirror that has been sitting on my bedroom floor forever.  I thought a random collection of silver containers might make an interesting arrangement with it.  Of course that meant I had to polish silver.  Since the mirror has a sort of patina finish though, I left some of the tarnish on the silver know...artistically.  ;)

I wanted something vaguely end of summer, but not too Fall-ish, as we don't have Fall weather yet.  When I was at Michael's yesterday looking through their on-sale floral stems, I saw stems of cotton bolls.  The end of summer is cotton-harvest time where I grew up, so I picked up a couple of stems to add to an arrangement.  

I may play with it a bit more.  I know it looks asymmetrical, but since the television is on the wall just to the left, I don't like the left side to look too heavy or closed off.

Tomorrow I am having someone come to do some of the heavier chores.  And she starts early, so I'd better not stay up too late.  I will continue to declutter and organize while she is working.

I'm tired of moppin' this damn moose!  :)


  1. LOVE the mantel decorations...and the cotton adds a nice touch. I wish I had your artistic house needs you!

    1. All day today I have found myself thinking it’s a bit much, but I’m going to wait and see how it looks tomorrow. LOL

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Joolz! I've decided I do too.

  3. I love your mantel! Funny thing is, I did ours last week! I felt like a show of Spring and I also added a mirror!

    1. Glad you like it, Cath! I think updating mantel decorations is to the living room as a new hairstyle is for a woman. :)


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