Thursday, September 10, 2015 action...

This is the kind of fun stuff I have been up to since I've been away from blogging the past week.  Have I finished my to-do list?  Not yet, but I'm getting there.  The office/craft room is much better.

Tonight I worked in the guest bathroom.  Actually I forgot to take a 'before' photo, so I Photoshopped it (LOL), but it is as accurate as I could make it.  Blech!  It's looked like this since we moved in, but I couldn't bring myself to tackle it till now.  

When we moved in, every toilet in the house was different (one of the reasons I hold the firm belief that our house was built from contractor's odds and ends), and they were all SO difficult to clean...impossible to maneuver a brush into the deep recesses.  We have since replaced one of them, and I suggested to hubby that we should replace this one before his mother's visit, but he nixed that idea.

We have a water well, and the water is very high in mineral content.  We have a water softener, but still have some issues with the minerals.  This toilet is the worst in the house, because it's the one that gets used the least, so the water sits and builds up deposits of sedimentary rock.

The blue in the photo above depicts not cleaning liquid, but copper deposits on the bowl where the water sits.  Tonight, after thoroughly cleaning the toilet bowl...twice...and reducing the water level as much as possible, I attacked the blue buildup and the more calcified deposits in the drain hole with a pumice stone.

After an hour or so of scrubbing, it is much improved, and my fingerprints no longer have ridges of whorls and loops.  :)  I started out wearing gloves, but the pumice stone ate through them pretty quickly.  

There are still a small amount of nasty brown calcification buildup in the drain, and the blue is now a less noticeable light gray, but now I won't be mortified thinking about my mother-in-law looking at it daily for her three-week visit.  Before she gets here and after she leaves, I have to develop a habit of using it at least once a day so that it gets flushed and brushed regularly.


  1. Impressive...not sure I'd have been that motivated. :-)

    1. It only took me 4 ¾ years to work up the motivation. LOL


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