Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tales of the old goat...

image credit: Bing clip art

Responding to something on television or a menu (I can't remember the exact setting) my husband stated, "That sounds really good, except for the goat cheese."  

me:  You're just saying that because you're prejudiced against goats.

him:  No, I'm not.

me:  You've eaten goat cheese and liked it, I say.

him:  No, I haven't.

me:  The tortellini salad I make has feta in it.

him:  I know.

me:  Feta is goat cheese.

him:  Mm-hmm.

me:  You like the salad.  

him:  All except the goat cheese.

These conversations with him are frustrating.  He's easy to feed, because he's always grateful and the point of me not knowing that he doesn't like something.  

It makes me a little crazy.  

Thirty.  Nine.  Years.


  1. My hubs turns his nose up at Parmesan cheese and bacon until I secretly hide them in a recipe.......somehow always enjoys those meals!

  2. Cath, I just don't get men sometimes. And who doesn't like bacon?!

    Mine once was so complimentary of a dish I made that I put it in my regular rotation of recipes...until he finally admitted that he didn't like it by asking very sweetly, "Could we never have this again?" LOL



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