Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tea Towel Tuesday...

The sewing machine has been staying set up lately, waiting for me to pay some attention to it.  The mood seems to strike at about 10:00 p.m.  

I've been meaning to make some kitchen towels for awhile now.  I found a cute idea for some on Pinterest.  I prefer a fairly thick terry for drying dishes and spills, so I found towels I like for the job, and then I set about making them pretty.

I had some 2.5" strips of fabric left from a jelly roll that I had been using on another project. The jelly roll strips have pinked edges, but I had to hunt down my own pinking shears to cut the strips in half lengthwise, giving me 1 1/4" strips to sew on.  The pinked edges are meant to fray a little with each washing.  I just started sewing, and then folded in a gather every little bit.  Pretty darn easy.  I will be making more like this, as well as others using a different border type.

These are the accent colors I'm leaning toward at the moment, and I think they look cheerful in the kitchen.  


  1. Really pretty! I like to eat jelly rolls….

  2. Thank you, k2. I like to use a tea towel to make a jelly roll roll.

  3. So pretty - what a lovely idea.

  4. Love the towels! Too bad I didn't get the family sewing gene...

  5. Faith Warmheart...I guarantee your husband is happier with your cooking gene than he would be with the sewing. :)


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