Friday, February 20, 2015


Probably my favorite game of all time.  It is impossible to find my favorite kind...the metal ones I played with as a kid.  Well, I'm hoping it's only nearly impossible...I haven't lost all hope yet; I will continue the search.  After much consideration, I purchased these somewhat larger rubber ones.  I tucked them into the drawers of my coffee table for the girls.  Chloe is spending the night tonight, so she found hers when she got here this afternoon.

She picked up the skills and the rules very quickly, and we spent a happy afternoon playing on the floor.

Now she's coerced Jared into playing with her.  What a good uncle!



  1. Hi Kathleen - there's lots of metal jacks on UK eBay, brand new, not expensive. If you struggle to get hold of some in the USA, let me know and I'll get some and send them over to you. :)

  2. Hi Caroline...that is such a nice offer! I hadn't thought of checking ebay. I will check from here. If it comes to it, I will get back to you to ask for help. Thanks so much.

  3. oh how fun. Brings back those olden days where my brothers and I would spend hours playing jacks.

  4. Oh, me too, CatieAn! I was on my own a lot, and it was something I could do solo.

  5. I'm sure I have a set somewhere... after all I've never thrown out anything willingly and you can tell by looking around my house... I'm in purge mod at the moment if I find a set of jacks they are yours... don't hold your breath but sometimes I do find things I'm looking for!


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