Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Movie matinee...

Thought I'd take advantage of the day off today and go see Les Miserable.  Carey didn't really want to go, so I called over to see if one of the boys might want to see it.  Chandler (the only one of the boys home today) said he would go.  I'm not usually a Hollywood musical type of girl, but I really liked it.  All of the actors were excellent.  I've not read the book before, so I really didn't know much about the story.  I will admit that I cried a couple of times.
It was really beautiful.
Kasey said that Bobby had been wanting to go see it too.  Maybe I'll take him next weekend.
Happy New Year, everyone.



  1. Can't WAIT to see this, but it's not out over here for another couple of weeks. I've seen the stage show twice, and it's probably my favourite musical ever.

  2. I really want to see this movie, but my hubby isn't interested! Maybe I can get C to go with me!
    Those are some really cute grandkids you have there, and I agree that those dimples will be quite charming!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year, Kath! I hope it's a good one!


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