Sunday, January 6, 2013

Chicken and dumplings for ten...

This photo does not look very appetizing, but I assure you the contents of that bowl was delicious!  The photo was taken in a rush after feeding the entire family.  

I only ever make the drop dumplings that cook up light and fluffy.  (I know that there are people who prefer the denser, rolled variety of dumplings, and they are welcome to them, but I do not share or even understand their preference.)  

I used to make Chicken and Dumplings pretty often when our family was younger.  Lately it has been rather difficult to make for the whole crew...involving making it in two batches, because the size of our family has outgrown the size of my pots. 

This year I invested in a much larger pot.  Stainless steel.  With a glass lid.  Perfect for watching the cooking process without lifting the lid (not lifting the lid is essential for successful fluffy dumplings).  

Pretty, huh?  That is my six quart crock pot behind it and my large skillet beside it.  It kind of dwarfs them.  It easily stewed two whole chickens with vegetables.  The only trouble I had was straining out the vegetables from the stock...I didn't have anything large enough to pour the stock into!  

Happily we have a nice deep sink that makes clean up easier.

And it has a home above the oven that fits it perfectly.

I'll try to put my recipe up soon.  It took me years to find a recipe for dumplings that I was really happy with and assures the fluffiest texture almost without fail.  

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