Monday, January 21, 2013

A quick catch up...

Last week seemed very long.  My four-day weekend was JUST in time!  :)

I've been cooking more.  I've been taking my lunch.  I've been knitting, and completed two dish cloths...two new patterns and I just realized I wrapped them up before I took a photo!

Saturday was SO frustrating!  But after a nap, I was able to laugh about it.

Last night I had two little girls spend the night with me.  They took a bubble bath.  We all went to bed and watched TV till we fell asleep.  They requested cinnamon toast for breakfast.  We made cards and wrote letters to their great-grandmother.  

And here I am at almost eleven o'clock.  I really have been doing pretty well at turning off the computer and going to bed earlier.

But not tonight.


  1. Sounds like you have been busy and having so much fun with the kidlets. We get to visit ours in a few weeks, weather permitting.

  2. My two grandsons left right after lunch today. I am glad to put my feet up but it was great. They also took bubble baths and splashed so much my bathroom began to look like an aquarium. We tried to make Mommy supper but I think my oldest prefers his mother to do the cooking. Must work on that.


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