Sunday, July 8, 2012

So many birthdays...

Bobby's birthday card...
it's my stab at an original by The Happy Scraps

We are into birthday season around here.  Today we celebrated Bobby's thirteenth.

The day he was born is still so vivid to me.  I was blessed to be invited into the delivery room when he was born, and I spent a lot of time with him early on after Kasey went back to work.  He was a sweet and affectionate little boy, and now he's a sweet and affectionate young man. 

Tonight at dinner, he was perusing the dessert menu and he leaned over and asked me which one I thought he wanted.  I glanced down the list, and when I pointed to the raspberry swirl cheesecake his face split into a big smile.  He asked me if I remembered the time we made cheesecake together (of course I do), and he announced that we should start a new tradition of baking cheesecake together at least once a year.  I'm all for that!


  1. He sounds like a real nice kid!


  2. Oh, enjoy him before the testosterone kicks in and it's not cool to be with adults!

    Love the card!


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